Cork. A material as light as a feather, but also resistant, dense, insulating... This material that was before used only for isolation (temperature, sound...) has now become a highly desirable. Honored by designers, cork is to be find in more and more pieces of furniture, design, but also fashion and interior architecture. In line with the craze for wood, it seems that cork provides us with warmth, conviviality, while keeping something really modern and fresh. Cork also has this silky and almost flexible touch, that reminds us of kids playgrounds... In Switzerland, Adrian Goegl, an industrial designer takes an active interest in identifying key problems that almost all eyeglass wearers and their opticians face, and turned to 3D printing to solve them, drawing from his personal experiences as an optician. Designing unique, custom eyeglass frames, Oak & Dust, Goegl's company, utilizes parametric design and generative manufacturing to prevent from common problems in the [...]


After a real craze for a certain exoticism since a few seasons in decoration (we remember all the palm tree leaves patterned wall papers in magazines...), fashion and food, it seems that this trend is tending to refine towards South America. First of all with more people traveling to South and Central America (Nicaragua and Costa Rica in particular), that attracts more and more travelers. Let's say, also a lot of solo, long distance travelers, with the success of movies like Wild (2015), Eat, Pray, Love (2010), or Into the Wild (2008). There is a real craze for exoticism and travels. We can also notice a growing passion for the Sun civilizations of South and Central America : Mayas, Incas and Aztecs. Let's note that two exhibitions were dedicated to these civilizations in Paris recently in the Quai Branly museum : The Inca and the Conquistador (June - September 2015), and Mayas, Revelations of an endless era (October 2014 - February 2015), proving that the topic interests more [...]